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Why agencies are a better option over Freelancers

There’s no doubt that freelancers can be a good option for your marketing needs, but that heavily depends on the individual and how well you know their work. Agencies also have their advantages due to their experience and expertise. Whoever you choose to create for your web redesigns here are a few things that may help you in your choice.

1) The general thought is that obtaining the services of a freelancer over an agency is going to result in a friendlier bottom line. This could very well be the case in certain situations If the work you require is a simple matter that requires a straightforward fix that could easily be done by one guy overnight, why not. However this is very rarely the case, most redesigns require a multitude of skills, and those skills are highly specialized, not a job for the Jack of all trades. Complex projects will have multi-faceted features across a variety of digital platforms. These types of tasks require a project management team with a clear goal in mind and the resources to get there. This type of support reinforces the cohesiveness of the entire project which results in a finished product that is refined and complimentary.

There is the option of employing the talents of many freelancers with all the skills required to get the job done. You probably do not doubt that each freelancer has what it takes in their respective fields of excellence. There is an obvious problem here though, who is the designated project manager, will all parties work as a team and how will meetings take place? In this scenario, it’s pretty clear that you yourself will be part of this team at the very least. More likely than not you will take on that role of project manager yourself. What might have looked like a cost-effective solution could take a sharp turn for the worst.

You may have worked with a freelancer in the past, and all was well. He got the job done in good time at a great price. What happened in the past might not go so well with your new project. One individual for all could be thought of as keeping all your eggs in one basket. What if illness or an emergency is taking his time away from the project? Maybe your project takes a backseat in favor of a bigger more profitable job. There are any number of reasons your project could be delayed or even canceled. Agencies on the other have are an exercise in risk mitigation.

2) The author of a book is just one part of the process of getting the story on the shelf. There’s a whole team involved in making sure all errors have been eliminated. Likewise, an agency performs the same error checking in the form of account management, creative director, and a whole other host of ensuring quality control. With a fully experiences project management team guiding the process to a measured timeline the risk of vital information being missed or going astray is mitigated substantially. The old saying “Many hands on deck” is a poignant reminder that it takes an experienced crew to sail a ship. Taking into account the time saved sparing you from the headaches of sorting out a multitude of human errors and forgotten tasks, most conclude that freelancers are for the most part false economy.

To conclude then there is clearly a choice to be made, and it depends on the specific criteria of your project. But choosing an agency such as Digitally Awesome ensures that whatever your requirements are they will be met on time with the least amount of hassle, and that sounds like a good recipe for any business owner.

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