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Whatever your packaging needs are Digitally Awesome delivers modern eye-catching products that inspire and promote your products. This challenging industry has high standards, especially in the fresh foods and consumer goods arena. Our team understands and constantly updates our products to conform to the latest rules and regulations. In turn, our design team is provided with the guidelines they need to keep your products lawful whilst maintaining your image. Our products cover a wide range of industrial packaging from fresh produce to pharmaceuticals. Products in the home, kitchen, garden, bathroom and bedroom. Vitamins and proteins. Cosmetics to construction, there is no business or product we haven't developed packaging for.

We’ve helped businesses from all industries expand their product reach starting with brand logos to working with your specific guidelines and criteria.

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Our team has an intimate understanding of our customers packaging needs, and in particular budgets. With years of experience, we have the credentials to advise and steer your packaging needs in the right direction. Before ideas are implemented all avenues are explored to deliver the most cost-effective and relevant packing for your products including labels, swing tags, stickers and belly bands. Whether you have multiple varieties or inconsistent measurements, we will find and implement the best solution cost-effectively.

The chemical industry is one of the most highly governed sectors of packaging, through our contacts in the industry we are constantly updated with the latest guidelines and requirements. That goes for all sectors, our printing processes include bar and QR codes, recycling logos and best before dates. Nutritional information and warning signs. All mandatory labelling is covered with our packages. Through all of these processes, you will always have the ability to maintain tight control of supply and design.

Your packaging future starts with us, call now for a personal consultation.