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Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing

The power of sites like Facebook is regarded as a phenomenal optimization tool in which businesses can promote their sites and gain market share. The increased traffic from the formation of a Facebook page can see search spikes at an order of magnitude. Fan page marketing has proven to be a focal point to develop outreach across platforms. The use of ads, competitions, surveys, quizzes and other forms of entertainment significantly promote brand awareness.

In 2020 Facebook has maintained its dominance as the world's leading social media platforms with billions of uses daily. This number of regular users is only increasing, especially in developing countries. These new users will soon overtake the US and Canadian official user estimates.

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Digitally Awesome’s mission is outlined in the following key strategies.
  • Billions of users with an exponential outlook of potential new customers.
  • Cost-effective target based marketing which outperforms tradition marketing methods.
  • Recommendation communities seemingly working for you for free.
  • At hand minute by minute statistics, crucial in today's digital market.
  • An influential base of possible future customers and reviewers.
  • Category based targeting, only customers looking for your type of service or product are picked by AI algorithms.


Digitally Awesome provides our customers with a full range of Facebook management and marketing from web page creation to daily activities and updates. This can include.

  • Fan page creation
  • Photos and videos
  • Detailed content and description writing
  • Research
  • Profile cover page
  • Advertising and marketing designed to impact end-users through targeted strategies.
  • Media Interface integration
  • Rates and subscription statistical analysis
  • Games, quizzes, surveys, special offers, events and public interests. All new forms of marketing coming to Facebook.

For all further enquiries and to see how we can maximise your online profits contact us now.

Digitally Awesome, a world of infinite opportunities.