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Website Maintenance

Having an up to date website is critical in today’s highly competitive market. Website maintenance is without a doubt one of the most important functions of a well managed and profitable site. Business owners the world over are seeing that are updated frequently and function with 100 per cent accuracy are taking the market share of sales. In fact, Google’s ranking algorithms are searching for those very traits. Without proper management, your site will undoubtedly become another statistically low raking scarcely viewed site.

Our services can eliminate this from happening on a number of levels through continual content updates and powerful security preventing cyber attacks, malware and vulnerability scans. Out-dated CMS/ E-commerce software plays a major part in all security issues and is indicative of a poorly run website.

Webdesign Pattaya

Our team at Digitally Awesome consists of some of the worlds best website optimizers with many years of experience maintaining hundreds of highly profitable sites all over the planet. Businesses all over the world are realizing that website optimization is best performed by consultants with the time and expertise to constantly keep your site at the top of Google’s first page. Freeing your marketing term to do what they do best is why we are here, our customers are and will always stay subscribed to our services and packages due to increasing sales and leads year over year.

Digitally Awesome can provide:
  • Content additions, hyperlinks and relevant image placement.
  • Product pricing, detail updates.
  • News, latest promotions and events.
  • Core system security check-ups, bug fixes, plugins and patches from, Woocommerce, Drupal, Magento and WordPress.
  • Host server troubleshooting and technical error analysis,
  • Elimination of Maleware and Loophole crippling cyber attacks.
  • Mobile interconnectivity upgrades and interface.
  • Cross-server compatibility between key sites.

To find out how you can outsource all your website maintenance, optimization, security and functionality contact us now for all our latest promotions and packages.

Digitally Awesome, a world of infinite opportunities.