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Brand Naming

You might not think that something as simple as a name could make such a profound difference to your image. Your chosen brand name is how your customers perceive you and your business.

Pave your way to success

So what considerations should you make before choosing a brand name? It might be helpful to look at a few well-known brands. Apple and Tesla are probably today’s most infamous brand names, both have an exceptional presence and speak volumes about their business. But not entirely for the same reasons. It was reported that Steve Jobs simply saw a billboard with a giant apple on it and said to himself “That will do”. Hardly the well-thought-out painstaking research. However, the name does reflect the company in a variety of ways. His fresh concept of the computer that grows into the world’s biggest name can be related to the attributes of fruit and the way it grows. It is also incredibly simple and easy to remember. In this case, the performance of the product itself gave the straightforward name an image of its own. The colourful uncomplicated brand image also spoke to customers looking for a product that was easy to use for the average user.

Tesla on the other hand is completely different. The Tesla brand refers to the early 20th-century scientist Nikola Tesla who was ridiculed for his ridiculous claims. Time has proven that Tesla was in fact quite brilliant with hundreds of inspirational patents that are still widely used today. Tesla - the car company - in the beginning, was also ridiculed and believed to have no change in the automotive industry which has also proved to be wrong. The company prides itself on innovation and inventiveness. It takes a direction that differs from the norm, and it is probably true to say that the future will forever be changed because of Tesla’s breakthrough technologies.

Digitally Awesome’s branding strategies go far beyond simple images and clever wordplay. Our designated team of specialists works across departments to bring together an internet brand presence across multiple platforms and multiple search engines. This process starts with a deep understanding of your business, past, present, and future. Your mission and goals.

We specialize in revitalizing brands that are no longer relevant or in the market or for some reason don’t resonate with the customer in the same way they once did. This could be for a number of reasons. Changing sentiment, political correctness, or competitors. Many customers now consider the impact products have on the environment before purchasing. Your brand may be projecting the wrong image.



Your brand has to reflect what your company stands for. It needs to impact the emotional and practical thoughts of consumers and set a trend for future growth. The right brand image and name can entice customers for a lifetime. This loyalty to your brand is an incredibly powerful tool and seldom changes over time.



We take care of all legal requirements associated with rebrandings such as trademark infringement, registration, URL domain, and shareholder mapping.



It’s all in the details. All of our brand name services have a structured methodology to ensure that ever aspect of the process is covered with nothing forgotten or left out.



We have all the resources to ensure your brand images and language not only excite the eyes and mind but also get seen. No matter how impactful your rebranding efforts are, web dominance across the leading social, shopping and affiliated sites won’t generate the targeted traffic you need to succeed. Once the artwork and wording are complete our project managers go to work getting it seen.



New product lines or simply a fresh start, rebranding your business with a totally new name and look can be the start of new clients and customers. It can open up new markets of opportunity and refresh sales that were once flourishing again.



With your consent and a clear plan of action set out your very own team lead by a designated project manager to get the ball rolling. Every member of the team provides their field of expertise, all voices are heard and often lead to implemented changes in new exciting directions. This lack of ridged old-school structuring keeps new ideas open and on the table.

Digitally Awesome Q&A

What should I consider when naming a brand?

The following guidelines should all be considered for branding new products or re-branding ones that already exist.

  • Long convoluted names are never a good idea, they are hard to remember and spell when searching on the internet.
  • Don’t choose names that are so specific they only cover one item, this will limit your ability to expand.
  • Thoroughly check that your chosen brand name doesn’t already exist, or can be contested by other businesses for copyright infringements.
  • Your domain name should match your brand name, check that it is available before settling on your choice. Having to add commas, forward slash or other extra special characters makes your product harder to find in internet searches and detracts from your brand image.
  • Be creative with your brand name but don’t let that creativity stray from your product’s image or message.
  • A play on words often jogs the memory of consumers more than just the name of your product.
This type of descriptive language can be categorized in the following ways.
  1. Brand names such as Toys R Us describe what their company is all about.
  2. Using the first letter of long names that can’t be shortened simplifies searches for users.
  3. Creating a word from scratch is a good option as there are no concerns about trademark infringement, such as “Fastly or Rexrotary”
  4. Brand names that express feeling or sentiments like Tesla or Virgin Galactic. This can be very impactful if your product is evolving with a long-term goal.

Choosing the services of Digitally Awesome makes financial sense, our extensive range of internet solutions cover every aspect of online marketing. We work hand in hand with your key employees to realize your goals and ambitions. Branding is an important part of that journey.

What is a typical time frame for finding a new brand name?

The process of branding usually takes a couple of weeks, there are a number of concerns that have to be explored before a final choice can be made. These include an initial brainstorming session to generate an appropriate list of possible names. The second stage narrows the list with only names that are unique and appropriate with no external legal issues. The shortlist that remains is yours to make the final decision, we will provide our input and recommendations but you have to ultimate say.

How do I protect my new brand name?

Our initial internet searches will take care of the integrity of your new brand name. Once your domain has been registered the process of trademarking can start. Digitally Awesome services cover this entire process.

Will my domain name be the same as my brand name?

That is one of our first priorities. As we mentioned before your domain name needs to be - if not identical - then very close to your brand name. Any names we suggest will already have those characteristics.

If i decide to use your branding services, when can you start?

Once an agreement has been made our team will be assigned to your case immediately.

Do we have to meet in person?

It is an advantage to meet with clients face to face but video conferencing is more than adequate to obtain the information we need to start the process. This would be necessary if your company is not located in Thailand or external issues prevent personal meetings to take place.

What if I like more than one design?

A final decision can be very difficult if there are many names that fit your product perfectly. In this case, we will provide visual imagery in a variety of forms to help you come to a final conclusion. Our digital artists have decades of experience in marketing logos and slogans specifically for the internet.

We hope that the information gives you the necessary information to make an informed choice.