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Search Engine Advertising

Utilize the power of SEO and penetrate untapped markets.

Online visibility of your business is vital in today’s world. Securing a top position in search engine software is the key to success. Attract new potential sales and keep a grip on costs.

High yield returns through digital adverts

The internet has become the go-to place for every aspect of our lives. Every professional utilizes this enormous database of information for their research and fact-checking. Every human being on the planet with an internet connection uses Search Engines to find whatever information they require before venturing out. Thus businesses without a digital presence are at a distinct disadvantage.

Your business can profit from an online marketing strategy in a number of ways. Firstly your advertising reach is extended exponentially providing potential for new sales growth. Pay per click, banners, and other affiliated resources can generate extra earnings as a side venture.

Digitally Awesome’s proven online marketing project strategies provide businesses with a winning formula. Through measured optimization techniques, customer support, new business reporting, and maintenance DIgitlly Awesome’s marketing team takes care of every aspect of your online presence.

Quickly gain more visibility online

Gaining top positions on Google search pages requires new information in the form of text, pictures, and videos. But your position is subject to constant maintenance and updates to that information. Digitally Awesome has the knowledge and state-of-the-art resources to do this for any business at very affordable rates. Alleviating this burden gives business owners the time to concentrate on what they do best. Run their businesses.

Better website traffic for better sales

Generating traffic is only part of the service. If your website attracts 1 million internet users per day but only a fraction of that is realized as sales we are all wasting our time. Our team of highly motivated and knowledgeable search engine optimizers uses a unique formula of attracting only users looking for your product or service, or products and services of a similar kind. Our data show significant increases in businesses sales figures when using these strategies.

Track your results and your costs

All our data is shared with you with 100% transparency. You will receive regular reports showing your increased sales revenue (net and gross) with user-friendly easy to read graphs showing your return on investment.

Social Media Advertising process

Digitally Awsome’s ever-expanding client base in Thailand and beyond is ready for you.



Getting the ball rolling could not be easier, whether by an initial meeting via video conferencing or in-person at your office. We will - together with you and your staff - draw out a plan of action relevant to your type of business.



Your unique business parameters are then processed by our team to provide indicators that can be applied to areas of your business marketing efforts that can be optimized to far greater effect.



By creating awareness and encouraging conversation and sharing, your specific goals and outcomes can be realized with increase sales revenue.



Digitally Awesome has an extremely qualified team of copywriters dedicated to us. Their high-quality content is put to good use in advertising and awareness generation to further create brand visibility and scheduled updates of your product pricing and description.



Once a clear strategy for the road ahead has been achieved the new content and formating goes live starting a chain reaction that ultimately leads to your business. Our clients have seen exponential growth in very short periods on time with ROI for exceeding their expectations.



Our ground-breaking algorithms constantly detect changes in traffic and sales. These changes frequently occur due to newly implemented regulations by search engine providers and require swift maintenance to your digital business. Needless to say, any and all changes are reported openly to you.



All of the above is done with one goal, to increase awareness and growth to your business. Our online advertising campaigns have a prooves track record for doing just that.

The different types of SEA
Search Ads

SEA or Search Engine Advertising offers instant results as they are visible immediately on providers such as Google, Bing, and Baidu to name but a few.

Display Ads

Google’s display network is designed to share your information with users who are looking for similar products. All third-party advertising is verified and trustworthy. This helps users to return to your site who otherwise would have moved on.

Video Ads

Videos provide an ever-increasing way of advertising your product or service with a variety of options to suit budgets. Once again your promotional videos are targeted at users interested in your type of business.

Shopping Ads

Your products are displays to users who type specific keywords relevant to your business. This gives you an edge in terms of visibility. Instead of users going to a specific shopping site to search for a product they simply search straight from Google’s home page. If your item’s description and keys words aline, your ad is displayed.

Questions about Search Engine Advertising

Why should I pay for advertising whereas I can be visible on Search Engine for free?

It is relatively easy to make your own website these days and they look perfectly fine, but without a lot of updates and more importantly technical know-how your not going to reach many customers unless they search specifically for your companies name. By utilizing the power of algorithms, affiliated marketing, and transactional intent businesses become highly visible to potential customers with genuine purchase objectives.

Is pay per click is too expensive?

Paying a publisher to advertise your product can be expensive, the pay-per-click model does however generate a great deal of traffic. Utilizing this advertising method is simply a matter of weighing up the cost to gains ratio. If it works it works!

We hope this gives you a greater understanding of the online marketing and advertising world. Digitally Awesome is cost-effective provides a tried and proven way to generate increased sales with figures that far exceed our rates.

For further information contact us for a no-commitment overview of our services.