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The success of your business depends on internet-based marketing. Only those businesses with a strong internet presence will succeed in today’s e-commerce community. Digitally Awesome provides customers with all the necessary tools to ensure not only a world-class website but an ongoing support mechanism designed to keep it that way.

Digitally Awesome have gathered together some of the world’s leading website optimizers, each with their own critical skill set to provide our organization with a project management structure designed specifically at targeting Google’s search algorithms through state of the art AI and the most up to date research and development.

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Digitally Awesome’s mission is outlined in the following key strategies.
  • Website relevance to the end-user with a defined project management structure.
  • Graphics interface to enhance and capture your target audience.
  • Implement key protocols to define your site’s goals.
  • Project management and website structure to ensure market gains.
  • Ethical business solutions to enforce and promote customer trust.

A website's functionality depends heavily on updated, relevant content, Digitally Awesome uses the latest web bots to scan and implement critical changes to your site’s pricing and content descriptions. Product and services can be implemented swiftly to your pages seamless and efficient. We can provide your customers with all forms of online payments including Paypal, local banking, crypto and credit card options. Millions of lost transactions are unrealized daily due to inadequate payment options. From offer to sales, the entire transaction can be automated with powerful online payment processing technology.

More about E-Commerce
Content Management System (CMS)

We believe your site should be a platform for your staff to add content at the click of a button. This is perfectly achievable through our CMS protocol system. Any and all content that requires constant updates can be done simply by updating the relevant content. No structural coding needed, we manage the whole process. The control is yours, provide us with your videos, blogs, news, pricing and shipping amendments and we will do the rest.


You might have all the tools you need to run an online business but it's time-consuming and at times confusing, We can offer support in a multitude of ways. Do you need questions answered? Help with setting up emails? Additional relevant content? Our various packages can fit all your ongoing needs. Let us do the tasks you simply don’t have time for.