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Digital Art, Banners, and Posters in Thailand

Digitally Awesome’s Digital image department offers customers high-quality professional posters, banners, and logos across multiple media online and physical platforms.

We use the latest marketing strategies and trends to influence our designs to make the strongest possible impact. Our digital art department and project managers formulate cutting-edge strategies with market-leading results.

Digital Art, Banners, and Posters in Thailand

Our services include the following:

Small box adverts

Letterhead, banner boxes, and linked imagery in blogs, reviews, or social comments.

Direct marketing

Specifically designed for a person or company for improved sales and growth. This form of advertising generates interest in organizations and product lines.

OOH advertising

Out-of-home advertising. Billboards, Wallscapes, and posters as seen by casual shoppers in a variety of place-based media.

There are many forms of advertising both online and physical. Choosing the right advertising campaign isn’t as easy as you might think, what works for one brand or product might not be suitable for another. On the other hand, a combination of different advertising approaches might capitalize the best returns.

We are specialists in all fields of advertising. We can assess the right type of advertising for your business, strategize a campaign roadmap and design the artwork. Our flexible packages provide you with a tailored choice of options. If you already have your advertising strategy set out and merely require the services of our design team. Or require our entire range of advertising products, we will work with you to provide the perfect solution.




Research and assessment. Any advertising campaign starts with research, our initial meeting with you will give us a clear understanding of your goals, mission, and aspirations. Armed with this key information our teams will brainstorm the best possible advertising avenues, and which types would be most suited to your business.



Our team representatives will offer our insights for you to evaluated and come to your conclusions. Once all parties are in agreement and a roadmap for the campaign is realized the work can begin whether it be professional photoshoots, copyright, and slogans writers, website imagery, or posters. All our services will be available for you.



All our conceptual art will be available to you once designed. We will offer our thoughts and advice but you will always have the final word. If our first examples aren’t what you’re looking for revised iterations will be created until the right balance has been found. These revisions could come in the form of fonts, images, and layout.



Finally, we offer our clients an online publishing service whereby all our artwork and written content can be digitally inserted into your website and affiliated partner sites. You can also choose to access our online web optimazed services at this point to increase your visual presence. All our newly created designs will come in the format file you choose with full ownership rights.



All our newly created designs will come in the format file you choose with full ownership rights. Any new design iterations required can still be submitted to us and the changes make. This in no way affects your ownership rights.

Question about advertising & poster

What forms do your marketing ads come in?

Physical and digital. All forms of print such as magazines articles, direct mail, or pamphlets are available, we also offer banners, posters, or free-standing billboards of any shape or size. Our digital advertising covers every form and platform from e-news, social media, and ad banners. Your ads can be animated with high-quality transitions and linked to any affiliated pages or partners.

What are the size limitations for outdoor advertising?

All specifications on poster sizes and materials can be found on our website.

What print and material options do i have?

We provide our clients with multiple print material choices. Once we have the specifications for your ads we can offer recommendations based on your requirements. Alternatively, you can provide us with your specs and we will simply get it done.

Can you take care of more than just printing?

Yes, of course, that’s what we are here for. Our extensive knowledge of the printing process gives us an advantage in terms of price and materials. We’re always updated with the latest printing techniques and developments. We base our designs around these new forms of printing for the best possible visual impact.

We have an extensive database of suppliers and services who provide us with favorable rates with which we can pass on to our clients. This combined with Thailand’s highly competitive printing prices means we can guarantee the lowest costs.

Our outsourcing partners are experts in their field provide the highest quality printing with high speed and accuracy. All finished work can be shipped globally at very competitive rates and complete security.

Can I receive your finished work in a computer file?

Yes, we can save in any file form you require with full editing and ownership rights. Just inform us of your chosen formate.

I need a new menu for my restaurant, can you redesign it for me?

Yes, menus are one of the most requested forms of artwork our clients in Bangkok ask for. Our professional photographers are kept very busy on this task. We can take care of the entire process for you from high-quality images, written content, and printing. Digital forms including animation and linked transitions can also be supplied and placed on your website.

Will I have a choice of alternative designs?

In our initial meeting, you can decide how many conceptual versions you would like to choose from. If you find none suitable we can offer more designs at that point or rework a design that simply needs small changes.

We hope the information in this editorial has given you some general guidelines on our advertising services. For a more detailed understanding of our packages contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.