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The future of Print Design

It’s becoming obvious that printed papers are taking a back step to digital news. But is the industry dead and buried? Will there always be a need for books and publications in the traditional sense or will it simply be a thing of the past? There are a few reasons why that might not be the case.

With the introduction of digital design seemingly taking over the role of how we get our news and social information, one might think that the printing industry is being handed its hat. Lindsey Greenwald thinks otherwise. The following points are made in its favor. Many of Lindsey’s findings strongly indicate that there is a place for print.

Down but not out is the consensus suggested here. Digital design is an amazing source of answers but where do we find the questions?

1. The material world

Who doesn’t love the digital world? We’ve all experienced the ease and speed of information at our fingertips. But it is dependent on one very important thing, the internet, and our connection to it. In print, we have the perfect traveling companion. No matter where we are a printed leaflet or brochure provides us with the information we need regardless of our location.

2. Deleted content

We receive so much digital information on a day-to-day basis that an ever-increasing amount is deleted. This might be by ourselves or automatic, for most email providers unwanted emails are flagged as spam automatically, even if our email arrives in our inboxes there is a tendency to rush through and delete without examining them. With printed mail, we generally take more time before deciding if it is junk or not.

3. Loyalty

Brand loyalty is not a new phenomenon. Before the internet past generations were spending their hard-earned cash on their favorite brands. Websites are a great way to capture an audience but print was doing a perfectly good job before the internet revolution.

4. Social interaction

In days past the news was a focal talking point, it was an exercise in social interaction. Today was have most of our time with our heads down staring into our phones. This way of life depends heavily on technology. Print on the other hand relies only on a willingness to read it.

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