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How to Audit Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

2021 has been anything but normal, but there seems to be a glimmer of hope for 2022. Never one to look an opportunity in the eye we’ve been hard at work preparing for better times.

Auditing for the upcoming year is time well spent. A full assessment now will highlight weak spots and shortcomings. The past few years have seen big changes in the digital online field primarily in the consumer market due to the inability to venture out. Most businesses can profit from new marketing strategies, tech, and software.

Audit your 2021 Marketing Strategy

  • As in the real world websites and their content suffer if preventive maintenance is not done, users are constantly looking for new ways to shop with a better online experience, If your site is beginning to show its age the rot will very soon set in. Customers now come to expect an intuitive search experience whereby the products and services they are looking for coming to them in the form of cloud-driven targeted data. A very high percentage of consumers agree that this cognitive intervention helps them make informed purchases. A little research into new marketing technologies now can get you back in the fight.
  • Check out our blog: 10 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know About for 2022 for the latest digital marketing advances.
  • Your keywords more than certainly need an update. Market trends never stop changing and your chosen keywords probably won’t have the impact they had when you added them. Make a list of alternatives and see how the two stack up in comparison. Remember, the more research you do in preparation the better chance you will have of improving viewer ratings.
  • A frequent Action Reaction policy to changing trends and markets keeps you current, but only if it is done at regular time periods, so set up a schedule and follow it. If you don’t have a customer survey facility we suggest adding one. The data will supply invaluable consumer information that will lead to lucrative avenues. Over time it will also give you a record of past trends and how they have changed. As with any chart, a probable trend line shows the way.
  • The digital market is littered with complexity, tech innovation is constantly evolving and needs to be inserted as an addition to your existing platform. An experienced team that stays up to date with the latest tech versions and iterations will definitely help. This complexity is however mitigated by automation, so check for all software updates and latest improvements.
  • A legally registered website with all software licenses is imperative. Noncompliance can cause disruption and even losses. A compliance audit, therefore, is worth the effort. Remember that Google rewards businesses that comply with regulations, websites with ADA (Americans with Disabilities) software for example reach more customers making the addition a win-win scenario. Are your images, text, and videos under ownership, do you have the license for them? It’s worth a check.
  • A fully updated website with current keywords, new software, a new or updated database of customer information, and maximized efficient automation is essential for a marketing strategy reform. Time is currently on our side, making the most of this opportunity will help your business stay ahead of your competitors, lead to new optimized solutions, uncover the hidden problems, and increased sale outcomes.

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