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Common Facebook Marketing Problems & How to Fix Them

Probably one of the biggest and influential social media marketing platforms for business is Facebook. Some online businesses find it easy to engage audiences and advertise effectively, and for others, it’s a hard slog. Facebook do have their weaknesses, however, but these areas do have simple solutions. Let’s take a look at some of these problems and how to fix them.

Marketing is all about reaching your targeted goals but are your marketing strategies correct. The following points are suggestions you might want to consider.


What are your reasons for accumulation and likes, vanity or business?
How do you prioritize attracting new users and keeping them?
What function does social media address, customer service or gathering feedback?
Are your expectations centered around converting sales or building brand awareness?

Some simply use Facebook to mitigate the potential for identity theft and don’t even have any major goals. Facebook shows end users that your business is modern and trendy. But if you are ambitious and want to set relevant goals here are some ideas.

Set a timeline for gaining new likes.
Try to increase customer engagement by a set percentage.
Have sales goals using Facebook ads.
Reassess your goals from time to time and look at what’s working. If it isn’t, find solutions and implement them.
Make sure your goals are realistic and measured.

One of the fundamental strategies of marketing is content management. How you push your products or services to potential customers depends heavily on the tone you use, how consistent your strategies are and how they engage your audience.

Adding content on a regular basis is very important, but even more so is its relevance. Posting funny memes may work for a younger audience but it won’t for mature adults. Always remember your target users.

If content relevance is important then advertisements directed at possible sales are crucial. Knowing your visitors likes and dislikes, age, gender and geographical location all need to be considered. This can not only save money and time but streamline your marketing campaign. The end result will be a strategy based on customer research.

Feature Rich Images & Video

Videos and images are used more today than at any other time, it is how the majority of people through visualization gather and retain information. This medium is in constant improvement in the form of thousands of production methods and the quality is growing at an ever-faster rate. Make sure all your images and videos are of at the highest quality and professionally produced.

Decide on Tone and Purpose

Update your potential customers with any new brand developments, news and awards.

What is the tone and focus of your posts and notifications? Is it family orientated, funny, does it give your business a sense of leadership? Are you using direct or indirect marketing, and do your strategies compliment each other?

How are you competing with your direct competitors? If they are using winning strategies consider using a similar approach. By keeping a watchful eye there is less chance of being left behind.

On the other hand, you might find that you are the market leader. If so how are you able to maintain this, knowing your competitor’s weaknesses is just as important as knowing their strengths.

What is your advertising budget and how does it compare to the competition? By evaluating their content and design you’ll be able to reform and guide your own.

Lack of Resources

Low budgets and lack of professional content can result in less than desired results. Use all resources and manpower open to you.

Consider taking some online courses such as Facebook Blueprint. If this is not possible then maintain your site the best you can by adding as much relevant content, pictures and videos as you can. Make sure customer questions are answered quickly and accurately. If you simply don’t have the time or skills to do any of this then consider using a consultant SEO provider such and Digitally Awesome.

Not A/B Testing

Split testing is a sure way of ensuring you get the most for your advertising budget. The slightest variations in content or pictures can be the difference between winning a sale and missing the mark completely.

By using this simple but effective tool advertisers can save time, stress and money.

Let your marketing settle. Don’t rush to change your strategies before giving them a chance to take off.

Never Checking Facebook insight

Facebook insight is a phenomenal tool providing a wealth of information about your customers.

  • Timeline of customer engagement.
  • Effective post scheduling.
  • Responsiveness rating.
  • All these indicators will help you to make informed iterations.

You Don’t Squeeze the Value Out of Posts and Ad Spend

Customers who react to your posts and updates are a source of potential sales. It is important to capitalize on their interest by inviting them to like your page.

You can also:

  • Engage with your followers by replying to all their comments and reactions. Collate emails and use Google Analytics to decipher website and advertising issues.
  • High rates of audience engagement is a good thing but this doesn’t always lead to conversions. Reasons for this could include the price of your products, maybe your audience desires your product but it is out of their budget. By using customer data these issues can be resolved.
  • Are you selling yourself? Let your customers know about you and what you’re up to.
  • Directing customers to conversion is the goal so collecting as much data as possible is vital. Assess your marketing strategies often to make critical changes.
  • A Facebook page with very little volume could mean that your strategies are not working. Pay attention to the timing of posts. Your audience may be in a different time zone.
  • Be gender specific, if your target is female take a look at the percentage of men visiting your page.
  • Encourage your audience to leave comments and likes. Ask engaging questions and get the view and opinions of the crowd.
  • Don’t post too often this could annoy visitors. Make each post relevant and timely. Posting is essential so try and get the balance right and build forward momentum. Use Facebook’s native scheduler to schedule posts you have already written.

Common Problems, Easy Solutions

All of these Facebook strategies will help you to design a marketing goal that not only directs customers to converted sales but self generates new visitors to your site. You might be able to solve all your site’s weakness and marketing issues and see a huge uptrend in traffic. If all your efforts seem to fail don’t panic, there are many online marketing specialists with packages for all budgets. If you found this post informative great, if it missed the spot please leave a comment with your marketing successes.