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Brand Identity and why it matters

When we think about branding we usually conjure up images such as Apple, Tesla or Google, these are all brands that speak volumes to consumers in terms of trust, value, quality and service. But branding is about much more than that. The consistency of your brand’s key values, strategies and goals need to be an integral part of the design itself. Any brand agency worth its salt knows that the imagery of a brand logo has to have a deeper meaning that penetrates the mind of their target audience. From the earliest days of brand design companies had a conscious understanding of the impact their branding had or had the potential to have. If branding was king back then, it’s god now. Never has branding been more important, with hundreds and thousands of businesses vying for a place in an ever-increasing market, only those who have succeeded to enter households will win. Whereas brand names were viewed from the side of a billboard, on the front of a factory or passing truck, we now have a multitude of digital platforms and media outlets to socially share our products and services.

Using a design agent to digitally transform your logo across all platforms could well be the making of your product or service. A digitally animated logo can speak volumes about your business in a way that could never have been done in the past.

There is an inexhaustible matter for consideration when creating a logo for your brand. The company’s mission, the language used, target audience, values, identity. The list goes on and on. But arguably more important than this is the greater understanding of the digital age. The most talented of designers would be nothing if they had no grasp of internet marketing. Using a branding agency such as Digitally Awesome who have revolutionized what a brand logo can be right across Asia is a must for most businesses.

Interbrand rankings take into consideration the quality and cohesiveness of individual companies key branding attributes. Digital, media and social platforms are scrutinized for these consistencies.

Keeping your brand consistent is more than just cutting and pasting, the entire core values need to be expressed in a way that resonates with customers who are looking for reinforcement of a company’s commitment to standards.

Multiple articles have been written about the importance of cohesiveness with standout companies such as Tesla and Apple who have an interconnected business model.

Tesla brings together all of its departments with one goal in mind, how consistent is the narrative. Whether it be control systems, hardware, customer interface or showrooms, the goal is the same.

With the vast array of interconnected digital platforms branding itself has become an ecosystem. Users themselves are promoting and growing companies’ brands for them through social media, YouTube and Facebook. Tesla utilizes this invaluable resource so well its marketing department is minuscule in comparison with traditional companies.

Such is the trust in their products customers are more than happy to do this. A company’s biggest downfall is a lack of this powerful tool.

Consistency, trust, cohesiveness and a digital partner who truly understands the needs of your company and that of your customers is a formidable weapon no 21st-century business can be without.

For a wide range of digitally designed products to suit all budgets, contact Digitally Awesome.