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10 Web Design Lessons

In an evolving world of never-ending AI technologies and innovations, staying ahead of the game is paramount to keeping one step ahead of the game. We’ve found that combined with a legacy of experience this can be achieved.

Millions of lines of code with constant iteration have set us up to dominate the competition. It has laid the foundation for a well managed and organised set of principles with which we implement our future technologies. This foundational structure has helped us not only grow our client base but maintain the loyalty of our existing customers.

Digitally Awesome is recognized as one of Asia’s top e-commerce client service providers. Thousands of our customers have benefited from our state of the art AI in the following ways.

#1 Knowing your industry

Getting to know our customers’ business is the first step in understanding exactly what route to take in terms of strategic importance. This varies significantly from client to client. A proven strategy that works for the majority of online business might not be the strategy that works for yours. You may already have the infrastructure of a great site, but for many reasons isn’t generating the traffic it deserves. Some need the entire online presence from website creation to optimisation including ongoing management. By working with you whatever your personal needs are Digitally Awesome can tailor-make the right package for you.

#2 There are two critical parts to a successful profitable website design.

A great looking site is just the start, so many online services and shops have fancy gimmicks and animation. But is that what the end-user desires. How do users interact with sites? Is it intuitive? Revenue is lost far too often due to frustration and annoyance. There are two sides to every coin. Without balance there is a loss.

#3 Be original, google rewards new content.

With new innovations to the industry- which we’re always in the forefront of- Digitally Awesome constantly strives to keep our customers’ sites at the cutting edge of modern design. Today’s leading websites understand the strategy and so do we. In that way we have a proven track record maintaining market share for our clients leaving our competitors struggling to keep up. On the flip side of this equation, we also see how some innovators miss the point and over innovate. This can be just as bad as a site that desperately needs an updated look. A balance that only experience can solve.

#4 Don’t let your website rewrite get out of hand. Stick with what works.

Keeping the right balance is very important, making a website that stands out from the crowd is one thing, but if it is confusing to the target audience it could well turn people away. Simplicity is the key here, trending sites are doing away with clutter for a cleaner looking easier to navigate the site.

#5 Your words are important, make your content relevant and accurate.

Visualization can set the tone of a well designed website, but it’s just a part of the overall user experience. Aspects such as color, shapes, even sounds can be a breaking point in terms of customer satisfaction. Apple’s theme tune for instance is reported to have cost the company upward of 50,000 dollars to compose. They recognized that certain frequencies and resonance affected behavioural traits in different social groups. Pictures, videos and content are the backbones of a good site, but attention to detail makes a great site.

#6 Clean simple programming is key.

There are many companies that provide business with the tools to create a DIY site of their own. These sites appear to work just fine on the outset but they are rarely truly successful. Plug and play packages are designed to get your online site off and running but very little else. Our high-level coding practices solve problems including latency, compatibility, marketing software and sales generation.

#7 Exercise your marketing skills, a quality website depends on it.

Customers flocking to your door is achieved through a variety of paid ads, customer communication, social media, but this alone rarely leads to tangible sales. 10, even 5 years ago this might have been sufficient but no today. All successful modern sites now rely on AI technology not accessible to those outside the industry, and even this tech is constantly being upgraded and evolved to stay at a level still relevant to business profitability.

#8 It’s your baby, don’t forget to feed it!

The SEO industry has never been as necessary as it is today. We strive to provide our customers with the very best service whether it be communication, technology, support or management. We recognize the need for teamwork and understanding. Our services are there to make your business grow and succeed.

#9 Make your site a multitasking powerhouse.

It’s more than just marketing and sales. Your website can be an all in one place to manage every aspect of your business. Customer support, internal scheduling, staff training and employment, automated database cloud storage. The list is limitless. All of your requirements and more can be met through our common goals.

#10 A modern trending website requires core principals.

The digital world is constantly adapting to our new business environment but core principles remain. Assessing strengths and weaknesses will always point to the desired path. Combining traditional practices with digital solutions is a formula yet to be beaten. Our philosophy is in line with these principals.

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Closing the deal and seizing the opportunity is something we not only strive to achieve. It’s an inevitable conclusion solved by a single goal to be the best.

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